Modern Management – Part 1: Azure Preparation

Intro: This is the first article about getting started with Windows modern management. Kind of a “A to (Z)” guide. I will never get to Z, as things is changing all the time. But at least this will get you started. Pre-Req: You need to have a Microsoft Entra ID P2 with a global administrator Read More

Install Microsoft Endpoint Manager with native config (SSL)

All the setting in this guide is for lab use and might not be applicable in a production enviroment! I’m running the lab in a VMware environment.Install 3 virtual machines. One gateway, one DC server and one MEM server. With the following config: Gateway (pfSense) See this post how to set it up: CPU: 1Memory: Read More

SCCM PXE fails to start

I have just updated my SCCM lab to 2010 with the hotfix installed. I notised that I could no PSX boot after the upgrade. I’m running PSX without the “Windows Deployment service”. The SMSPSX.log had the following error: It seams to be a timing issues, because if you go in and restart the “ConfigMgr PXE Read More

Update Ikea zigbee devices from Deconz

I’m having a mix of difference zigbee devices on my Deconz zigbee gateway. A downside with that config, is that your zigbee device doesn’t get updated with new firmware. But you can actually update Ikea devices from deconz. Hue is not possible, as far as I know, because Hue is using encrypted firmware. I currently Read More

Link lights and remote directly in Deconz

If you not want to be depended of your deconz zigbee gateway is up and running all the time to get your lights working, then keep on reading……In this blog post I will show you how to set that up in deconz / Conbee 2. This article is inspired from this site. But it was Read More

Collect registry keys

To collect registry keys from a client, you will need to expand the hardware inventory. You can do that the following way: Download RegKeyToMof from Technet gallery Create the registry keys that you want to collect Start RegKeyToMof on the pc/server where you created the registry keys Browse to the registry key that you have Read More

Collect Driver information with SCCM

By default SCCM doesn’t collect drive info. Potent Engineer have a great post about adding driver info to SCCM.   Download the powershell script “Collect_Driver_Info.ps1” and deploy it on all the devices you want to collect driver info. To get an updated list, you have to run it more the one time. Ex once a Read More

Setup a SCCM Technical Preview lab server in Azure

  To get an idea of what is going to be in the next SCCM CB, it is a good idea to setup a SCCM TP lab. You can do that in Azure and here is how. This is a quick and dirty SCCM TP lab just to get an idea what new features might Read More

New job….

I’m waiting for my connected fight in Dubai and it is delayed, so why not write a blog post It have been a while since I have posted on the blog. It is because I have changed job. I’m now working as a Senior Consultant with the responsibilities for the SCCM environment, of Couse , Read More

WinPe boot images from ADK 1607 may fail with dism error

 UPDATE 2016-12-31: Microsoft is fanally doing something about this issue. See the article from Microsoft here: Apply Driver Package task fails when the ADK is upgrade to ADK 10 1607 Happy new year 🙂 ———————————- I have updated to ADK 1607 In my SCCM environment. I uninstalled the old ADK and installed 1607 adk and Read More