UPDATE 2016-12-31:

Microsoft is fanally doing something about this issue. See the article from Microsoft here:


Happy new year 🙂


I have updated to ADK 1607 In my SCCM environment. I uninstalled the old ADK and installed 1607 adk and ran this PowerShell script to update my existing default boot images. I created a new MDT boot image, so I got the newest boot images. I tested my Windows 10 deployment without any errors. But my Windows 7 deployment fail the Apply device drivers step.

When I looked in the log files I could see that it is dism.exe the fails injecting the drivers. Fortunately  I did not update all my existing boot images, so I was able to revert back to them. And then my Windows 10 and Windows 7 deployments are working.

This week I have been at the Microsoft Ignite conference and I have talked to Michael Niehaus about this issue. He said that they know about it but haven’t got a fix for it yet. He also told me that it is properly a dll file missing. I have not tested that yet, but I will when I return to the office.

I will update this post with my findings.

So maybe you should stick with your old ADK for now Smile


By Claus