Configure Dell Bios during OSD

If  you want to manage Dell bios settings with SCCM and OSD, then you can follow this guide. I will show you how to configure Dell bios. This post contains info from this blog post  and this blog post from Mike Terrill. 1. Update the bios to the newest version. (See this blog post if Read More

Speed up first login on Windows 10

I work in a place where we have a lot of kiosk pc’s and pc’s that people can borrow. This mean that it is a first logon (almost) every time someone is logging in to Windows. The first logon time is not very fast in Windows 10, in fact it is very slow. There are Read More

BIOS to UEFI switch in one task sequence

  Jörgen Nilsson have a great post here on how to do the BIOS to UEFI switch on one task sequence in SCCM. There was a couple times during his guide where I had to try different things before I could get it to work. So that is why I made this post. All the Read More

Add HP warranty info to SCCM

  UPDATE 2016-10-29:HP have changed the layout and data type on the HP warranty page, so the script doesn’t work right now. I don’t have the time to update it right now, but I will make a tweet when I do.   In this blog post I will show you have to retrieve warranty info Read More

OSD Pre-Flight check

2016-07-04 UPDATE: I have updated the hta script, because there was an issue with the Wi-Fi and UEFI detection. It is fixed now. ——————————————————————- Last week I created this post on how you can do a UEFI check if you are installing Windows 10. I have extended that check with this Pre-Flight Check. To make Read More

UEFI check in task sequence

  In this post I will show you have to create 3 steps in your task sequence that checks if the computer is running UEFI. This is useful if you are installing Windows 10 and want to make sure the UEFI is enabled. The check is running at the start of the task sequence, so Read More

Patch WIM file with Windows 7 convenience rollup (KB3125574)

  Microsoft have released a Windows 7 convenience rollup that contains security updates from SP1 up to April 2016. This is nice because creating a reference image with all the patches is time consuming, because there is so many patches to be installed. In this guide I will show you how to patch the Windows Read More

Change boot from BIOS to UEFI semi automatic

  Recommended settings for Windows 10 is UEFI with secure boot enabled. But you can’t change the Bios boot to UEFI boot with the build in steps in SCCM. But here is a quick and dirty way to do it semi automatic. You should have an Task sequence Available and not required for your Windows Read More

Remove Windows store App from Windows 10 during OSD

  If you don’t want all the default Windows Store Apps that comes with Windows 10, then you can follow this guide. Removing Windows Store Apps will also make the first logon faster. 1. Download RemoveApps.ps1 2. Run it on your reference machine 3. The first time you run the script it will generate a Read More

Update HP Bios during OSD

  In this blog post I will show you how you can update the bios on HP computers in OSD. 1. Down the bios update from HP’s website 2. Create a SCCM Package “Bios Updates HP” in SCCM with the Bios files:The “Bios_Password” is the password for your bios if you have created one. 3. Read More